“Looking for a job in today’s economy as a young person can be a herculean task”. Recent statistics from the World Bank, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) reveals the state of the global economy, the daunting rate of youth unemployment which confirms the sorry state of young people as the greatest victim of the global economic crises, especially during this COVID 19 pandemic.


Entrepreneurship has become a resort to many young people because it helps them develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, teamwork, and innovation—all of which remain relevant for the rest of their lives. IYEEC 2022 seeks to unearth the pertinent role of the youth in bridging the unemployment gap; promote entrepreneurial spirit and job creation; and discuss relevant topics that are related to youth employment and entrepreneurship, which will contribute to making young people major contributors of the global economy.


IYEEC2022 is scheduled 8th -10th April, 2022 in Washington DC, United States. Online registration ends on 10th January 2022, after which the pre-conference discussion will be done virtually in March 2022. The conference aims to identify the key challenges young entrepreneurs face and the skills they require to overcome these challenges in order to develop successful ventures whiles adopting new strategies. This will facilitate the engagement of Governments and other organizations to boost entrepreneurship and create more jobs for the youth.


The theme of the conference is “Rethinking Youth Entrepreneurship towards Global Development”. It is far thrilling to observe that fostering youth employment and entrepreneurship is one of the 3 priority areas in UNESCO’s method for Technical and Vocational training and schooling (2016-2021). The youth needs to be given extra attention to the demanding situations that they face when starting and developing a viable business. To achieve this, it has become necessary to focus on policies and programs which have the potential of unleashing the capacity of young entrepreneurs.


This conference will connect young entrepreneurs and achievers globally for entrepreneurial opportunities. Entrepreneurs and young achievers from various sectors such as: finance, agriculture, information technology, telecommunications, mining, education, oil and gas, and banking will come together to network and share opportunities and ideas. In general, participants of IYEEC2022 will be equipped with expertise in areas not incorporated in traditional education, constructing unique careers that resonate outside the typical economic model by pulling in talent from their peers and fostering positive community development.

Why should you miss such a great opportunity to discuss a grievous challenge like youth underemployment and unemployment?
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