About IYEEC 2022
An international platform to discuss and adopt better ways to deal with global youth unemployment

IYEEC2022 is scheduled 8th -10th April, 2022 in Washington DC, United States. Online registration ends on 10th January 2022, after which the pre-conference discussion will be done virtually in March 2022.

Why Join IYEEC ?
Young People Tackling Their Threats Themselves

Relevant agenda to end a global canker  

Team members working to ensure a successful conference

Government representatives, academics, employers and youth leaders coming to share ideas

People of diverse backgrounds joining forces together towards a common goal

The Agenda
Clearly designed to take retrospection and project into a beautiful future for our youth

1. Innovation and Creativity in Job creation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and creativity has become a major driving force of successful businesses. This panel discussion will incite the need to be creative and innovative in order to contribute viable solutions to complex economic problems, help renovate business models to conform to today’s method of entrepreneurship.

  2. Harnessing the power of technology in Job creation and Entrepreneurship

The role of technology in every sector in this 21st century cannot be underestimated, more so is the increasing need for harnessing the power of technology to promote business, work smart and efficiently and create smart jobs. This panel discussion will look at the various facets of technology and how it can be implemented in the creation and management of businesses.

  3. Inclusion of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into businesses

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a blueprint towards achieving a better and habitable world. This panel discussion will touch on the need to adopt and integrate SDG’s in businesses in order to solve sustainable development challenges.


 I. Dealing with the Cultural Challenges to Entrepreneurship among the Youth

There is an existing gap in understanding the underlying cultural mechanisms behind entrepreneurial behavior of nations, despite the abundance of research. This session will contribute to the debate by exploring how and the extent to which the national cultural characteristics of a country or region influence entrepreneurship   among young people.

  II. Building Stronger Partnerships between Startups in Developing and Developed Economies for Job Creation

“A common strategy that we observe in emerging markets over and over again is the attempt to replicate business models that previously worked in developed countries. This session will therefore explore the existing relationship between developing and developed economies and how to focus on developing new markets for job creation.

 I. Ensuring Decent Work and Better Pay For Young People

It is imperative at this moment, that the national development framework adopts a comprehensive, rights-based approach that addresses the issues of young people, especially problems that are related to productive and decent employment. Quality employment and decent work conditions help reduce inequalities and empower people, especially women, young people and the most vulnerable such as people with disabilities. The committee will therefore focus on how to create and promote jobs that provide decent earnings, ensure safe working conditions, provide social protection, and safeguard workers’ rights for young people.

  II. Encouraging Paid Internships

Students and recent graduates eagerly, if not desperately, sought out unpaid internships hoping to gain the necessary experience to land a paid job. Unfortunately, many employers, if not most, treat interns like entry level employees without providing them any compensation instead of providing structured educational environment for interns to work in. In the end, these unpaid interns end up doing menial work like cleaning the office, refrigerator and running personal errands for their supervisors instead of acquiring critical experience helpful to starting their career. This session will focus on how to promote volunteerism and serene skills learning environment without underrating the value of interns.

 I. Migration and Entrepreneurship: A Challenging Road to Success

This session will explore the challenges and possibilities presented by youth entrepreneurship in fragile and unfavorable settings, with a focus on how to create opportunities in challenging conflict and displacement situations and empower and enable the youth to succeed.

  II. Gender and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the creation of jobs, innovation and growth. Against this backdrop, interest in women’s entrepreneurship has grown among scholars and policymakers. While the rationale for women’s entrepreneurship has traditionally focused on enhancing women’s equality, empowerment and social inclusion, its development is now seen to make good economic sense. The purpose of this session is to discuss the relationship among entrepreneurial potential, gender and entrepreneurial intention are explored.

Conference Schedule
Every second counts; more activities, greater impacts

FRIDAY APRIL 08, 2022 – SUNDAY APRIL10, 2022


08:00-10:30 am

2hrs 30mins Washington Hilton DC, USA

10:30-11:00 am

30mins Washington Hilton DC, USA

08:00-08:30 am

30mins Washington Hilton DC, USA

08:30-10:30 am

2hrs Washington Hilton DC, USA

08:00-11:00 am

3hrs Washington Hilton DC, USA

10:00-10:30 am

30mins Washington Hilton DC, USA
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